Monday, 24 March 2014

Why do men have non functional nipples? Did men descend from Women? Doris Lessing in the Book 'The Cleft' explores this interesting topic

They didn't mention this in 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'
An interesting thought....Why do men have nipples?
Review of the Book follows....Haven't moved beyond first thought provoking question as yet...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Is that all you are leaving me in your will? says Younger Daughter...after I tell her I will hand down the Laguiole cutlery

After much soul searching I bought two settings of Laguiole cutlery. A huge investment from the bonus that I was lucky to receive in my wages this month.
This was an attempt to restore some of the creature comforts of my past life with Mr.Wrong.
Oh! how I miss some of the items of quality that we shared due to our combined earnings, not to mention the three bedroom house and garden... particularly the garden...Hanging my beautiful wind chime that used to hang on the Fig Tree from the stairwell doesn't have quite the same resonance but the beautiful harmonics are still there. (Much to the chagrin of the ever increasing and growing teenagers who visit our house these days and bump their head on the wonderful Woodstock pitched dangling tubes)
Anyhow I said to myself this was the first move to restore my life to it's former glory.
I bought the knives and forks and unveiled them to younger daughter and told her that these must be looked after carefully and one day they would be hers.
Unimpressed she said "Is that all you are leaving me then"?
"Not that I want you to go soon, or anything"
And I thought a while and said " Actually, yes"
"But, there's the car (Already 15 years old, I thought) and the motorbike (Needs a new tank)
Her mouth fell open.
She is not a greedy girl I might add, very thoughtful and loving. This was just one of the realisations that come to young people as their eyes open up to the future and they no longer dwell in the now.

Lottery on Saturday for me. Does this maternal guilt ever stop?

Of course if there are any wealthy benefactors out there who would like to donate a couple of million pounds please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hidden Heart in Valentine Rose

I was just about to throw away the beautiful Rose Bud that my daughter had given me for Valentines Day and  I had the impulse to gently open it to see what was inside and although altered by Man to never open into a full bloom, there was it's full beauty revealed...and with a heart shape at it's core
Take some time today to gently unfold your own petals and glory in your perfection and magnificence

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day- Tenderly Loving yourself...Anais Nin

'The Dream was always running ahead of one, to catch up, to live for a moment in union with it, that was the miracle'

Sara Ban Breathnach talks of Valentines Day as a day to go within and glance back with real affection and understanding at our real life journey so far.

To excavate your buried dreams...

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Doris Lessing- On growing old.

One might say the instructions are in an invisible script which becomes slowly legible as life exposes it. 
Then the appropriate words only have to be spoken. 
On the whole the old don't do badly.
Pride is a great thing, and the necessary stances and the stoicisms are made easy because the young do not know-  it is hidden from them-  that the flesh withers around an unchanged core. 
The old share with each other ironies appropriate to ghosts at a feast, seen by each other but not the guests whose antics and posturings they watch smiling and remembering.

The passing of a Visionary- God Bless her. What a beautiful exponent of living.

Taken from one of my first editions proudly emblazoned with the Shakespeare and Company stamp Kilometer zero Paris.
George Whitman sold me a couple of Doris Lessings first edition science fiction series twenty years ago and this is my latest acquisition from the same shop. 
I love the look and feel of the paper of the pages and the rough cut edges. No kindle for me, ever. I even like to smell books. 

I took the first editions to Waterstones, Hampstead where Doris was speaking. The look in her eyes when she saw the first editions, and the Shakespeare stamp was so lovely. She wrote her name inside...Now, you can't give an Author or reader that much joy with a Kindle.

The book is called 'love, again'   'telling the story of a sixty five year old woman who falls in love, or rather falls into a state of love, which is another country altogether, and struggles to maintain her sanity while there'

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mary's Living & Giving Shop Primrose Hill Complementary Therapists donate their their time on 14th Nov for charity. Affordable taster sessions offered. Pop in on the night or book to reserve your place

 Hamper of goodies from Neils Yard and Whole Foods   Raffle on the night.

                   Please Pop Up on the 14th November.

When we held the event last year we had Tarot readers in the wardrobe, Singing Gongs in the conservatory and a blissful feeling of well being all round.

 Support SAVE THE CHILDREN and pop in on the night! 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Save Primrose Hill from Camden Council & the Property Developers- triyoga threat. 'They paved paradise put up a parking lot...'

keep triyoga in primrose hill

stop camden council destroying primrose hill village

help keep triyoga at its heart

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'  Margaret Mead
As you likely know, we are in the final and critical stage of our battle to keep triyoga in our current building in Primrose Hill. If you are not yet aware of the situation, you can find out more here 
We have until 07th November to object to the planning application to Camden Council.  
Through your support we hope to keep triyoga in our community.
This development is part of an overall situation (which includes plans to develop Utopia Village) in Primrose Hill where planning is being used to change the unique character and vitality of the village - so it's time to save Primrose Hill and help keep triyoga at its heart.
If you want to influence what happens next, this is not a time for standing by, but for taking action and coming together as a community. The more of us that submit our objections to the proposed redevelopment, the greater our collective voice and the impact we can have on the Council's ultimate decision. 

how we can have maximum impact:

Whilst it has been amazing to receive so many letters of support, one concern is that Camden Council will disregard objections that only mention the importance of triyoga.
In addition to your views on how the development of Leeder House + 6 Erskine Road will impact the local communities of residents and businesses, it is absolutely crucial that your objection includes objections on all or any of the grounds below.  If you have filed an objection just referring to triyoga, please complete a new one based on the grounds below, as this will be considered valid.
  • Leeder House and the other units are suitable for continued business use and should be protected as such as indicated by policy DP13.
  • The site is within the Primrose Hill Conservation Area. The change of use and the proposed physical alterations are out of keeping with the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.
  • Loss of employment both direct + indirect from reduced foot traffic, which will impact local businesses.
  • A comprehensive approach should be taken to the development of all land/buildings at 6 Erskine Road including triyoga, so that the impacts can be fully understood and assessed.

what to do: 

Please make your views known in writing by either:
  • Submitting your comments online at the Camden Council website, making sure you complete 'comment type' drop down box as ‘objection.' 
  • Emailing quoting the application reference number in the subject box:2013/6326/P.
  • Filling out a comments form (available from triyoga and local shops in Primrose Hill). You can leave these at the shop or at triyoga reception, and we will send them for you.
  • Writing a letter, quoting reference 2013/6326/P to: London Borough of Camden, Development Management, London, WC1H 8ND.
Once again, thank you on behalf of triyoga for the overwhelming support to date. We will keep you updated as things progress.
Many thanks, Jonathan Sattin + everyone at triyoga