Sunday, 17 November 2013

Doris Lessing- On growing old.

One might say the instructions are in an invisible script which becomes slowly legible as life exposes it. 
Then the appropriate words only have to be spoken. 
On the whole the old don't do badly.
Pride is a great thing, and the necessary stances and the stoicisms are made easy because the young do not know-  it is hidden from them-  that the flesh withers around an unchanged core. 
The old share with each other ironies appropriate to ghosts at a feast, seen by each other but not the guests whose antics and posturings they watch smiling and remembering.

The passing of a Visionary- God Bless her. What a beautiful exponent of living.

Taken from one of my first editions proudly emblazoned with the Shakespeare and Company stamp Kilometer zero Paris.
George Whitman sold me a couple of Doris Lessings first edition science fiction series twenty years ago and this is my latest acquisition from the same shop. 
I love the look and feel of the paper of the pages and the rough cut edges. No kindle for me, ever. I even like to smell books. 

I took the first editions to Waterstones, Hampstead where Doris was speaking. The look in her eyes when she saw the first editions, and the Shakespeare stamp was so lovely. She wrote her name inside...Now, you can't give an Author or reader that much joy with a Kindle.

The book is called 'love, again'   'telling the story of a sixty five year old woman who falls in love, or rather falls into a state of love, which is another country altogether, and struggles to maintain her sanity while there'

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  1. Lovely choice of quotation, VB.
    RIP Doris Lessing.